PIF spikes past 3gb on MCC 004 burned w/1640

I’ve read through the forum and looks like this is sort of a known thing when burning MCC 004 @ 16x - solution seems to be burn at 12x? I’m wondering if I need the MCC 004 media I just bought based on this - I bought it thinking I could get 16x good quality burns. I can get good 12x burns all day with the 1640 using 8x TY (Fuji MIJ) media I got from Staples for $8.94 per 30 pack. Why do I need MCC 004 16x rated media to do the same thing? Am I missing something?

Granted the MCC 004 seemed to be a good deal at $7.99 for 25 packs at Best Buy - but if I can’t reliably get 16x burns then it’s just slightly more expensive media than the Fuji MIJ that I can get the same speed out of.

I’ve tried BSMB firmware and BEFB FW for the EW164b external drive. So far all the firmware I’ve tried, when burning MCC 004 @ 16x, seems to produce PIF spikes past 3gb.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated - I still have several unopened packs of the MCC 004 which I can return if it’s not worth keeping…

I do have a LiteOn 1693s - should I try the MCC 004 in it @ 16x? I could put that drive in the same box with the 1640 - I’d thought about doing this anyway to have 2 drives. If the 1693 burns MCC 004 at 16x better, I’d move the drive over.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Those PIF spikes apparently do not cause any problems. They just mess up the scans for people like us who like to show off :slight_smile:

I agree with rugger. If you scan the 16x burn with BenQ drive it doesn’t look nice but actually if you scan with Plextor 716A and NEC 3540A drives the PIF spikes don’t exist. OC-Freak mentioned it here.

But Lite-On Scan, It appears.

There is a link in the post above yours, please click it. Only Plextor, NEC and Audiodev CATS will not show the PIF spikes. However, BenQ and Lite-On will show the spikes.