PIF Spikes in Kprobe

Hi everyone!

I just started using a new spindle of RICOHJPNR01’s. I noticed that some spikes started to appear in my burns so I tried disabling early shift. The spikes are still there. I tried to burn a +RW at 2,4X and it gives me a great scan, PIF stay below 3 all the time.

The top ones are 812S@832S -VS08 - RICOHJPNR01@8X with auto-bs,earlier-shift,force-shifting.

The two at the bottom are the same except they don’t have earlier-shift.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you for your help!

First of all I would but early shift back on. Without it you seem to be getting high-density areas of PIFs. Next, how your your speed curve scans look? Do a Nero CD-DVD speed test: Sometimes the PIF spikes will give you a read error, sometimes it’s just a reading glitch in your Kprobe scan. The read test will tell you which it is :slight_smile: If all else fails, reduce your burning speed to 6x. I’ve got a batch of Arita RICOHJPNR01s and I too was getting high PIF spikes. I switched to 6x, and they went away. I think the quality is worth an extra 2 minutes of burn time.

The PIF spikes are just a side-effect of linking (in)accuracy. Every time the burner has to pause and then pick things back at where it left off, there will be a PIF spike. You will get them at shift points and at buffer underrun points. Some units are especially accurate with linking and won’t have this problem. Varies from drive to drive. Usually, these spikes are nothing to worry about.


Okay, thanks. Both of you!

(Btw, the Nero read test never slowed down, not even at 16x :slight_smile: )