PIF/PIE results vary greatlyy when scanned with different drives

Aone is an in-house brand of Umedisc - Aone DVD+R DLs are definitely not a legit RICOHJPN-D01-67 media.
Umedisc uses this MID code because of compatibility reason, their own DVD+R DL MID is poorly supported by DVDRW burners’ producers.
The quality of Umedisc made fake Ricoh DVD+R DLs is usually very mediocre at best: http://club.myce.com/f76/fake-ricoh-dvd-r-dl-220845/index3.html

They would be better off re-branding them with a RICOHJPND00 media code and sticking a big 2.4x on the front, at least then the disc would functions as it should.

No embarrassment in that, aren’t the MKM001 discs only certified for x2.4 :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like I will have to stick to my modified iHas to burn these discs.

Thanks for the info Pepst :smiley:


I don’t know which discs they were using when they created the RICOHJPN-D01-67 write strategies, but they either very different to mine or they just did a really bad job on it!

I’m hoping there’s a way to get 2.4x enabled for RICOHJPN-D01-67 and MKM-003-00, and 4x enabled for MKM-001-00. Maybe that’s something Liggy could do?

MCSE doesn’t support the 1.Z7 or 1.Z8 firmwares, plus I don’t really want to swap or substitute the strategies, I just want to add to what’s there.[/QUOTE]

They were simply stumbling in the dark when they created those D01 strats. Fred Perez over at Falcon told me that FTI decided they needed to change the MID of their IS DL from RICOHJPN-D01 to FTI-R08 because RICOH has not been supporting the MID with drive manufacturers for several years now. Falcon had no control over which of the flavors of RICOHJPN-D01 that drive manufacturers were choosing to try to burn well.

I’ve also been frustrated with the CB plus’ DL abilities. This prompted me to ask ala42 if he could support strat swapping with 1.Z7 in the next MCSE.

His gracious response: “Yes. Any other models to be added on the wish list ?” :slight_smile:

We may find that swapping comes in handy w/ the 5280. I can’t wait. Swapping the D01 strat with MKM-003 in AD7200 firmwares yielded gorgeous results with Falcon D01s.

Can’t get anything good out of this drive using the Aone plus gold discs, :sad:I have tried and tried but eventually gave up and went back to my MCSE patched iHas 624 burning my “fake” RICOHJPN-D01-67 at x2.4 burn speed for now cause that I always get a quality reading in DVDINFOPRO of between 80 - 95% which is respectable.

Can’t wait for the new release of MCSE, I like the idea od swapping the MKM-003-00 and RICOHJPN-D01-67 Strats :iagree: and seeing what this Optiarc can really do once unlocked :stuck_out_tongue:

Just note: the benefit of using MKM 003 for the mentioned FTI media is that the FTI media is quality from the get-go. The Optiarc may not respond as well as the LiteOn to strategy swapping for this fake media. Nevertheless, if it ends up working, it doesn’t matter. :bigsmile:

I think the speed was the deciding factor with the fake cheap media rather than the actual strat, I only swapped the two RICOH strategies cause they were like for like and it seemed to make sense at the time given my speed requirment.

The RICOHJPN-D01-67 MID have a minimum write speed of 4x which is a recipe for disaster when using cheap fake media, and you won’t get anything vaguely acceptable in the quality stakes (well not in my experience anyway).

I am hopeful the OPTIARC will react the same at 2.4x, but I am in some ways more eager to also test the MKM003 Strat swap mentioned by deanwitty, but it’s unknown how that will perform with fake MIDS.

I haven’t been impressed with the 5280S-CB burning the FalconMedia Pro ‘Smart White Hub Printable’ discs (FTI-R08-65) I just got.

The results aren’t a patch on MKM-003-00’s.

LUK, If I remember correctly you got some good results with the ARITA discs, I wanted to ask if they were the printable ones? I saw a (25) spindle of printables on ebay for 11.99 GBP and was considering getting them.

Nope, they’re the pink top ones.


Looks like I will be doing a blind test on the printable ones in the new year then.

I’m looking for some decent printable discs cause a customer of mine gave me his broken cannon inkjet printer with cd/dvd printing functionality after he bought a new one. It goes without saying that I plan on getting some use out of it once I have repaired it.

In my example I have DVD+R which I burnt as test-DVD with ODC.
The scan results (first of all the PIE) are so different that I cannot believe anything anymore.

How to interpret it?

I forgot to mention that the 1st scan was made with a Plextor PX-L890SA and the second with a Plextor PX-LB950SA.