PIF/PIE results vary greatlyy when scanned with different drives

I have an iHAS 624B and an OPTIARC AD5280S CB PLUS

I burnt a test 8.5gb ISO image (for test puroses) with the OPTIARC which was then verified by IMGURN.

I cracked open the PIF/PIE scan in DVDIFO PRO first using the OPTIARC as the scanning drive, the result was pure red with readings off the chart (Quality was -1%).

I then ran the same disc through the same scanner only this time using the IHAS drive, the difference was shocking :eek:, it was far from a perfect burn but the quality rating was around 50%.

Can someone explain a bit more about how these scans work with different drives, I also noticed that high numbers on the OPRIARC scan on sometimes remained green but if these were place on the IHAS scan they would probably be red.

What type of DVD+R DL blank did you use?

AOne Plus + Gold Edition - RICOHJPN-D01-67 ID

I think the colour changes should be pretty standard for a given media format.

It just transitions from green at 0 to red at whatever the specs say is the upper limit. I think that’s something like 300 for PIE and 30 for PIF - someone can chime in with the actual values if they want :wink:

Here’s one I just scanned…

Anyway, the PIPO graphs from the Optiarc look awful so I’ll just stick to using my Lite-On :slight_smile:

That is honestly what I thought until today LUK but the Optiarc gave a -1% quality and the iHAS gave around 50%, the graphs were similar granted, but they were the either end of extremes using the same disc…

The output readings were so different, I can only guess that the Liteon has a better recognition of the write quality / readability than the optiarc?

I guess that would explain similar looking graphs but different output readings, either way I am with you LUK, doing a PIE/PIF scan with an iHAS feels like it would give me a less chaotic readout…

Anyway it’s late here fellas, I’m gonna keep testing this stuff over the weekend…

It might be an idea to post up some screenshots so we can see what you see.

The Lite-On quality % would be a calculation that takes Jitter into account. The Optiarcs don’t report that AFAIK, so the quality % is purely based on the PIE/PIF values.

This s a different burn but a similar result, (no 0% quality this time though) both graphs looked so terrible I wasn’t in a hurry to keep them, I think yo can see the difference though

I will try to find the 0% disc tomorrow :slight_smile: That really was a 1st for me…

Do your results with DVDInfoPro match results with OptiDiscControl?

The Optiarc and LiteOn will never look exactly alike, but I saw a glitch on the LiteOn’s scan that makes me think something is wrong somewhere.

You didn’t adjust the speed on the LiteOn one.

My ODC screenshot looks as follow… sorry for the washed out look, ODC crashes when scanning oversized DL burns.

[QUOTE=drunkenninja;2667705]This s a different burn but a similar result, (no 0% quality this time though) both graphs looked so terrible I wasn’t in a hurry to keep them, I think yo can see the difference though[/QUOTE]

DVDInfoPro may not be your best option here. CDspeed or OptiDriveControl or Nero DiscSpeed may be better. Your 5280S performed that scan at 8x in spite of the 4x setting. And Optiarcs are long known to have DVD scanning results with higher errors and do not agree with Lite-on or BenQ drives. Stick with your LO for scanning :iagree:. At 8x.

I’m very curious, how does a 624 burn compare with the 5280?

Thanks for the info guys, here is a burn on my iHAS 624 at 2.4x using RICOHJPN-D01-67, the drives firmware speed was changed with MCSE. all I really did was swap the properties of two media.

RICOHJPN-D01-67 with RICOHJPN-D01-67

Now the iHas writes the RICOHJPN-D01-67 at all speeds (If overspeed is selected in the EEPROM).

I havn’t used the OPTIARC CB-PLUS much yet but it certainly does not like cheap media at “Average speeds” even when not using Overburn which surprised me, LUK’s logs will show you that it burns Verbs like a champ but most drives will such is the quality of the media, I had to tweak the settings of my iHas 624 to get consistent (over 90% quality) when using overburn and my drive for soe rason did not really appreciate MKM001 media under any conditions but overseed to x4 gave the best results.

I need to do some more tests on the OPTIARC but I am initially a little disapponted, I am now trying to find a way to get a copy of the 1.Z8 firmware but it’s under lock and key at the moemt, anyway I doublt it would improve things much, I might delve back into MCSE and do the same as I did with the iHAS just to see how it burns the RICOHJPN-D01-67 media at 2.4x

Sorry some corrections.

It was the RICOHJPND00 I swapped in for RICOHJPN-D01-67 in MCSE.

I initially tweaked the settings of the iHas 624 with the assistance of LUKS logs and found I could get quality burns using (MKM001, MKM003 and finally RICOHJPN-D01-67 at 2.4x).

The iHas “as a dual layer burner” is very good burner in my book, the use of the EEPROM gives you some freedom to fine tune your settings too.

Now I must decide which drive to keep and which one to sell. :frowning:

I have a lot more testing to do with the OPTIARC before making that decision though :slight_smile:

I will do some scans with OptiDiscControl this evening but like LUK said it crashes, hope they fix that…

Do you only have space for 1 drive? Keep both!

The disc quality results from the 5280 shouldn’t have come as a complete surprise to you (or have caused you to be disappointed), there are tons on my forum and I know you’d had a look at them before purchasing it.

I did tell Erik about the problem with ODC last year (v1.50 or something). I hadn’t actually tried 1.70 on an oversized DL until last night… but when I found it still crashed, I emailed him again. Fingers crossed the issue gets fixed for the next release.

Can you manually set boundaries so that ODC will scan most of the burn (from 0 MB to 8100 MB or thereabouts) & have it not crash?

Your scan results were better than mine :frowning: I was actually quite buoyed by your RICOHJPN-D01-67 results before purchasing the drive, the ones that burnt fully were not half bad even at faster speeds and they were fully verified against the original ISO, whereas My discs burnt at x4 speed I might add look like they were burnt outside of recommended speed boundaries.

Both drives are certainly good at different things, I found CD burning with the iHas pretty poor but i’m betting the Optiarc would not have a similar problem.

I really liked ODC it was my favorite, I hope he manages to fix it.

Nope, there doesn’t seem to be a way to avoid the crash. It’s not the end of the world though, when the ‘ODC has stopped responding’ box pops up, you can still see the graph up until that point behind it… it’s just washed out like mine is above.

My ‘Aone Plus+ Gold Edition 8x DVD+R DL [RICOHJPN-D01-67]’ burns/scans were far from good. Having done 3 at each supported speed, I had 1 fail to burn at 4x, 2 at 6x and 2 at 8x - but all 3 were awful when scanned.

I don’t know which discs they were using when they created the RICOHJPN-D01-67 write strategies, but they either very different to mine or they just did a really bad job on it!

I’m hoping there’s a way to get 2.4x enabled for RICOHJPN-D01-67 and MKM-003-00, and 4x enabled for MKM-001-00. Maybe that’s something Liggy could do?

MCSE doesn’t support the 1.Z7 or 1.Z8 firmwares, plus I don’t really want to swap or substitute the strategies, I just want to add to what’s there.

Yeah it would be cool if Liggy could get a copy of the 1.Z8 firmware and put his golden hands on it :slight_smile:

So the Firmware is not supported in MCSE, thanks for that info LUK.

There is not much else I can do with this drive then other than test the recognized media’s burn speeds and switch OPC on and off…

I will still give Liggy’s 1.Z7 firmware a go though, I remember it did have some benefits.

I am not sure Aone Ricoh DL media is legitimate Ricoh media, which could explain your problem. http://club.myce.com/f44/aone-dual-layers-lite-dh-20a4p-244746/

[QUOTE=Albert;2667900]I am not sure Aone Ricoh DL media is legitimate Ricoh media, which could explain your problem. http://club.myce.com/f44/aone-dual-layers-lite-dh-20a4p-244746/[/QUOTE]

That’s an interesting find Albert.

The discs I am using are branded Aone plus gold. I pretty much learned to steer well clear of those regular Aone blue packaged discs, however these gold ones are still most definitely cheap and share the same media code which is always a concern.

They also have a big x8 on the spindle box :rolleyes: I think that’s most definitely pushing the truth and the discs well beyond their limit, :disagree:
ironically (as seen in the scan I posted earlier) you can get an excellent burn out of these discs if they are written at the [U]not supported[/U] x2.4 speed :confused: why is this speed not even supported? x2.4 is probably the only speed they could be certified for, unless drastic improvements are made to the write strategy.

A Fake media code would explain why they are terrible at the recommended speeds though.