PIF in the same area of the disc



I’ve burned three discs already, and all of them show a PIF of 26 in the same area of the disc (around 1.5Gig area of the disc). The rest of the PIF are 6 or less. The first time I burn the movie, the PIF’s don’t get any bigger than 6. But i’ve tried 3 times for a second copy and each time right at the same area, the PIF spiked to 26. Does that mean the disc is a toaster? What could be causing this while the first copy have PIF’s that are within the range of good burns?

  1. Change to another disc type (manufacturer / brand / model) and test if you see the same spike: if you see, then the drive could be problematic

  2. Burn 1 copy, then turn off the computer and let it cool completely (an hour or so). Then burn another copy? Are the PIF spikes gone? If yes, you could have an issue with heat (either with the computer in general or the burner in specific)

  3. PIF spike 26 does not mean the disc is a coaster (necessarily). You can only find this out by testing the disc in various players. If it reads back ok, it is ok (even if not of highest quality).

Patience and good luck with debugging. I know how annying these problems can be sometimes :slight_smile:


Many burners do this at the speed shift in the burn. If the disc reads well in CDSpeed, don’t worry about single spikes in that range.


I just rescan one of the 3 discs that had a PIF of 26, and the highest PIF scanned is now 7. I’m not sure what to make of it. Maybe it’s just like Halcyon mentioned, a heat issue.


People tell me this “good disc, bad disc” sindrome is usually the mark of a bad disc. Scan it a few more times, see if the results keep wobbling