PIF higher than PIE?

PIF higher than PIE :sad:

I hear PIF can’t be higher than PIE…is it wrong? :confused:

[Burn drive] TEAC DV-W516E
[Media] Samsung DigitAll DVD-R 1x(BeAll G00001)
[Scan drive] BenQ DW1620

Pie ?!? :sad:

yeah that does not look good to me.

what media have you used and @ what speed have you burned. i have not seen that id but then again i’m not that much of experience.

Besidies the obvious high PIF have you tried the transfer rate test with both drives the Teac & BenQ to see whats its reading curve is like ?

Just curious but does the BenQ Booktype tool work with that drive the TEAC DV-W516E their was a suggestion it could be a BenQ DQ60 but its more than likely its an original Teac design.

I would not worry so much about PIE or PIF in this case (and there is nothing that says which one should be lower, although usually there are more PI Errors than PI Failures), but even 1 POF is considered fatal - and you have 3000+ of them. Jitter of 35 is also extreme.
I would hesitate to use this disc as a coaster. :slight_smile:

Xterminator: I have a disc with countless POFs, and it plays fine…

See here: Scan

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PIF can be higher than PIE if the drive reports all PIE without PIF as BenQ does. But if PIE are all PIE+PIF then this isn’t possible. I know LiteOn reports PIE this way but I’m not sure about other drives.

Beall G00001, what is this media???
I have never seen any? Is it common?

Its 1x DVD-R so I dont think its all that common unless someone else knows otherwise.

Not common anymore, no. I bought a batch of them about 2 years ago, maybe 2.5. Of course, situation might be different in Asia. I’ll see if I can run a scan on one of them, hang on.

So, this media you’ve shown scans of is essentially 2 year old media? Possibly, that’s the problem?

Your 2nd scan (July 2003) is not a hall of fame achievement, but good enough for cheap media, I suppose. Still, it’s a 95. Considering the media is now 2 years old and the media you’re using is not very common (esp. if it’s 1x stuff), so there’s no telling how well the media ‘ages’ even without data written on them. Others have mentioned data integrity (and in this case, media integrity) is greatly influenced by the storage methods & conditions. Care to comment on how they’ve been kept over the last 2 years?

The funny part is … comparing the 2 scans … your PIE’s (max & ttls) actually DECREASED!! Lol. :slight_smile:

Btw, as Majie mentioned, I, too, have had media burned by an older LiteOn that produced tons of POF’s and some of the ugliest scans I’ve seen. But, the good news is, they still play.

I’d probably think twice about using that media for mission-critical data / burning. But, heck … if you can play it back, then it’s “useable”. Worthy of some pyro-technics. :slight_smile: G’luck.

In case you didn’t notice, well actually you didn’t notice. I’m not the thread starter. The scan I posted was burned on a Pioneer A04, date is in the scan. It’s been stored in a regular jewel case on a shelf in the living room. I just posted it as a comparison.


OOOPS!!! My bad … I promise to pay more attention from now on. Hehe. :o

Here’s a really horrible scan, 4x version of basicly the same media. Notice the area with higher PIF than PIE. And the POFs… lol.

thank you everyone.

Perhaps, this seems the problem of DV-W516E.
RITEKG04@2x resulted similarly.

(and an another problem…this drive couldn’t burn @4x)

BeAllG00001 is not common in my country.
I bought this in meritline.com.

It’s helpful for me very much! thank you.




I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 39.5" Jitter Max!!! Incredible.

How do your other media burn in that Teac burner?

:eek: I have never seen scans that bad in my life, you guys should post those scans in the “hall of shame” thread!!! lol :slight_smile:

If you notice the first scan, the gigantic dip in PIF comes after a power adjustment. I’ve had the same exact problem with my Prodisc S02, it burnt like absolutely the worst crap possible, but always in steps (like yours). See the scan below (BEFORE disabling WOPC).
I’ll let you guess how to fix it (sometimes :slight_smile: )

I did a few shitty burns like above, all were even worse if you can believe that.
Here’s a typical burn after disabling WOPC: