PIF errors



Everyone seems to agree that the max PIE errors should be an average value of about 280. However, I have seen varying opinions about the PIF ranging from 4 to 16 to 32. What is the maximum PIF error that one should see on a dvd burn?

I have a Benq 1620 retail and am using Verbatim MC003 discs. I am generally getting a maximum of 5 to 6 for PIF’s. Am I supposed to look at the maximum value or the average value. Is it okay if I have one or two spikes between 5 and 10 (which is what I usually have)?

What is the maximum value that the PIF should be? Is the average value or any spike at all?

Here’s a scan. I have read that there is a problem with the errors increasing toward the end. However, I normally don’t see more errors at the end like in this one.


i would have to say depending on the media and your burner. But that burn you have is pretty good.


The 4 16 32 question arises depending upon the scan program being used.
using DVD speed on a BenQ1620 the max figure for PIF is set at 16. You may notice the green background on the scan stops at 16 ?

On a good scan it is quite normal to has spikes between 5 and 10. The scan you have is fine. In fact anything giving a score of 90 or over is supposed to be fine. What is not clear is whether a score of 98 is really better than a score of say 96.

Scan the same disk a number of times and you will get different results. Scan the same disk a day after it was burned and then again a week later and you will think you are scanning different disks.



to add to my earlier comments I’m attaching 2 scans. What is the difference ?

Scan 1 was taken from a pack of 25, burned and then tested. When I noticed the bad results I checked the DVD and noticed various specks of dirt ( amazing on a brand new DVD). I then used my Hi-fi CD cleaner ( not a good idea ?) to clean the disk and then scanned again (Scan 2). Perhaps with a little more care and attention I could get the scan up to 98 or even 99% ?

So what is the purpose of scanning ? I believe that it is to help determine the overall best combination of writer, media, computer system and software.
Using scans leads me to conclude that in general a BenQ1620 or a Plextor 716A works well enough with Taiyo media. This is not to say that other drives or media are crap ( althogh some certainly are) - but has allowed me to burn knowing that most of the time I will get good results.