PIF at the end of burn question (image attached)

Hi all,
I’m burning some Wii games with an HP940i on Verbatim 16x DVD-R and I keep getting a lot of pifs at the end of the burn (see attachment). I’m burning at 6x as it has given me the best quality so far, not all have been as pronounced as this example, but they all spike at the end in a similiar fashion. Anyone know what could cause this, or what I should do different? Also, I assume this is a good burn otherwise, no? I’m a serious newb when it comes to making quality burns so any input (other than “you are an idiot”) is welcome.

Hi hendu, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

You could have a bad batch of media, or a disc with some dirt, fingerprints, scuff marks or scratches near the outer edge. Try looking at the disc under a strong light and see if there’s any visible problems at the edge.

It’s also possible that your drive doesn’t like to scan at 12x, so you could try scanner at a lower speed.

As I recall, your drive is a Liteon 18X. I never had much luck with -R media on Liteons, but it is just possible that the burn strategy for 6X is poor or non-existent. You could check with CDSpeed and see what you get. I would try at 8X and, as mentioned above, scan at 4X. You could also try MCC 004 media, again at 8X and see what you get. The edge of the burn is the most difficult, but newer drives don’t usually see this problem.

Oh, and “you are an idiot”. :wink: :wink: . You made me do it. :iagree:

Thaks guys I will try rescanning see if I get a better result. I tried 8x that was worse and I couldn’t go down to 4x, but I should be able to lower the write speed. I’ll post results for future info.
Thanks again