Piece of Junk

I bought a benq (1620)Christmas 2005.
I had to rma it within 8 months.
It’s freakin dead again.
First product I’ve bought from that turd of a
company…last one too.
Utter garbage :a

Yep. Known issue with the 1620’s that were produced later in the product cycle.

The 1640/50/55 produced afterwards had fewer defects.

There’s crap with every company…

check my sig, ive had 3x dead 1620’s in 12 months

and yet ive had mine for bloody ages and its still as good as ever

I second that. :iagree:
Haven’t find a way to kill my 1620 drive, although I managed to kill my first 1640 (by crossflash failure, heh).
DW1620 is an exellent drive for the lucky ones. :wink:

My opinion on the question is that these 1620s were far more sensitive to PSU stability/quality than most other burners.

I’ve had a 1620 for over a year now. My first 1640’s are coming up on a year…come to think of it, the first one might have hit it’s first birthday already. I’ve been one of the lucky ones. My only questionable drive is my Plextor 712A. Had some strange issues, but then seemed to be OK. I replaced it with one of the 1640’s, but I really should dig it out and see if it still lives…

If you look back through the postings you will find that the 1620 had problems with “surges or drops,” from the power supply, I had two go down, the 1640 on the other hand is quite different, and a very good unit, which is why I’m quite reluctant to upgrade to the 50 series.

This is not a fair judgment that with failure of one drive after 8 months calling the whole company products trash and ruining the repetition of very prestigious company. That could happen with any product and with any company.

One should be careful before slagging off a company as this is common now with most companies - Cutting costs cutting corners, things are NOT built the way they were, I can say this out of experience - I go through testing a lot of things and notice it.

As to BenQ, isn’t that ACER ? I owned a few of those a while back and they broke down quickly. Garbage - but then again we maybe end up with a bad batch which does not mean all BenQs are crap. I have read about the same things happening with LITEON (same quality control problems) they are EXCELLENT burners if you end up with a working one, luckily I never had problems with LITEON.

Mind telling us in detail what happened to your drive (symptoms, etc…)

I can tell you that a flakey power supply can shorten the life of your drives. It can litteraly ruin a HDD/ROm drive. I have had to replace a friend’s HDD 4 times up until I discovered the problem was a power supply (that he claimed was purchased new)…I found out it was a generic P.O.S. PSU - Buy generic crap and you get what you pay for :smiley: I installed an Antec TruePower and so far so good.

I use a generic PSU, but it always has a UPS attached. Not had any probs for a few yrs now.

Think i’m safe ?

No, you are not. A UPS might prevent damage resulting from power loss, surges and similar. But it can’t protect your hardware from a bad PSU that can hardly handle the demand of modern hardware.


Thank you very much.
I’ve always asked myself about this because we only have crap PSU here in Egypt , and now I am sure that I have to make my brother gets me a quality PSU from the USA .

Question; if you use an external enclosure for an ‘internal drive’, that uses its own power adapter, will there be any problems with power, leading to a dead drive a year down the line?

To those of you asking if my PSU was a POS 2x of the drives were in machines running Hiper 580Watt PSU’s certainly not a POS and the third was in a machine with a generic 350Watt PSU, they all died similair deaths they were still being picked up and were flashable but the tray was stuck inside, also the final drive to die smelt like it had burnt out.

I dont see how he was slagging anybody off

I’m 2 for 2 on the Benq 1620’s. The first one is over 1 year old and I just bought the second one. Now that I wrote this I am jinxed so in a week they will both be dead. I have been pretty lucky with the exception of a BTC 1016IM that puked and was replaced
under warranty and I went through 3 Liteon 1635S before I finally gave up on those on asked for a refund. I think all brands have the ability to be lemons it just depends how
lucky you are.

All manufacturers have quality control problems. I still have 2 working rebadged 1620 drives that I use. I sold a oem 1620 with a pc I built last month which I only used to burn 20 dvds. The only drive that didn’t last was my Pioneer 107d which I retired. It won’t burn dvd media correctly but it can read and burn cd-r media.