PIE / PIF testing on NEC 35x0 will be possible soon ! :)



see this thread :


Thanks to Erik Deppe :slight_smile:


wow,which version?v3.00?no firmware specified?
no change log found on the website


For people who wants to read more, where did you find this?

Edit: Overhere: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=96285


It’s not april the first is it???! :confused:
Or is my signature in need of some serious update after only a week or two???!


this is the CDFREAKS THREAD where Erik announced this (some minutes before):



It’s march the 3rd/4th depending on which timezone you are in :wink:

Of course, here in Oz, any day is expected to last for approximately 46 hours, somewhere in the world. :wink:

Has he calibrated the drive though. We need to know comparitive levels before we can start bitching about the Benq lovers quality testing bitching.


Looks like it :slight_smile:


I may be wrong, but i think this will also need a firmware update.
Great NEWS though :iagree:


But if … he has piccies as posted above, this firmware already exists … somewhere.


It sure does :wink:

EDIT : I was thinking along the lines of. It takes NEC ages to release firmware.


maybe a new official NEC firmware


Aha Dee, you know more about it :stuck_out_tongue: When will it be released?


Just imagine all the tons of new scans posted here,


Probably…but FW update is painless with NEC drives.


So it seems that liggy and dee have to switch -Stock Firmware again for their great Release Candidates. :smiley:


I know no more about it than the rest of us, i was assuming it will require a firmware update to work. If indeed it does require a firmware update, there must be one, as debro said in his post :slight_smile:


yep,hope it won’t need a specified firmware,2.TB works great for me.
Good job,liggy&dee


But not to edit the known firmwares… :wink:


[off topic]
Just as a matter of interest, given the choice. Saying only one was available. Would you choose ‘PIE/PIF Error Scanning’ or ‘Bitsetting’ in a firmware?
[/off topic]



I will use my BenQ for PIE/PIF Error scanning!