PIE/PIF - maximum allowed count / drive recommendation for MKM003

Hi !

Currently I am looking for a DVD-bruner capable of burning DVD+R DL (at least the Verbatim MKM003).
I already tried the MKM003 with:

Samsung sh-s202n: gives me PIF spikes of 12 at layer break
LG GH-20NS15: lot of PIF spikes of 12
Philips SPD 6005BD: PIF spike of 8 at layer break only
Samsung sh-s223Q: few PIF of 2 !! (but the drive broke down after 4weeks of use)

I tried write speeds 4x and 8x , results are almost identical.

I am using the Philips SPD6005BD and Nero CD/DVD-Speed for scanning.

What i would like to ask is: How dangerous are PIF spikes of 8 and 12 really ?
Which drive should i get ? I am nor sure if i should go for the sh-s223Q again as the build quality of the drive seemed quite low…

Please advise.
Tks, brgds Karl