PIE graph related to what you burn?

Hi, I find that certain ISO will have high PIE no matter how many times I burn them. Is PIE and the content you burn related somehow? anyone knows? thanks!

Is this an ISO others can get/create? Be interesting to see if others can replicate that.

I think it have a matter what u burn, many small files give u worst graph, big files i think are better

I had no problems to burn smaller or bigger files!
Just usin a quality media like TY burnin them 4x-12x and I get
always very good results with PIE/PIF.
With crappy media for example it’s normally to get higher PIEs, it’s recommended
to burn them at a lower speed!
Remember the PIE are always a little bit higher at the end of a full disc.

typically, but not always…

If the file is on your hard drive, there is a chance that’s it badly fragmented and this might cause the problem. If your copying directly from a DVD - the original may be of marginal quality and can’t feed the data fast enough.

Copy or re-copy the DVD to a different part of your hard drive and give it another go.

I assume you’ve gotten good results with the media in question at the speed your burning?