PIE errors clustered in first part of disc. Normal or what?



I apologize in advance if I haven’t included enough info or used the wrong terminology or if I’ve posed a question that has been asked over and over. I used the search function first, honest.

I have a NEC ND-3540A (1.01 firmware) and recently acquired TY Thermal Silver 8X +R media for archiving digital photo files. The burner seems to give the best results at 12X burning speed, at least according to Disc Speed (scanned at 8X).

The thing that I am questioning is the high incidence of PI errors in the first few tracks of the disc. After this initial flurry of errors, most burns show a pretty low level of errors.

Anything I can do to remedy this?


Hi ho72 and welcome.
Dont worry much about it, nec drives are not the best dvd scanners and also the result looks ok.
You can do two things, first scan the disc in a liteon drive and second to do a transfer rate test, and it the transfer rate test has no slowdowns dont worry about it.