Picxture freezing/audio sync

love DVD2One 1.00 for making this stuff so easy, but have one major gripe. keep having audio sync problems, where the audio goes out, usually only for a few minutes or so. usually only on 1 episode per disc either 3rd or 4th. plus of course the usual, very occasional i might add pixelation problem .picture quality is Ok for me, but would’nt complain if it could be improved. tried dvd2one 1.1 on one disc , picture frezzes slightly at 30min on episode 3, but does nof affect the audio. will try another disc

it possible to set dvd2one up to transcode each episode at a time so that if there are any problems then only the offending episode needs re-doing and checking
tried to set it up using a guide to shrink one episode at a time , played around with user defined sizes but that did not seem to work( the guide does not actually do this even though it is putting them into separate directoriesi , they are only transcoded as a single unit so any problems means that the whole lot has to be done again)
cheers anyone