Pictures in "Display Properties", but not in "My Pictures"

hello and thank you ,i was wondering if its possible to move pictures from display properties to the desktop?and if so how i go about it??

Hi dnsdoor, and welcome.

I´m sorry but it´s not really clear what you want to do.

Do you have photos…?
Where are they?
What format are they?

What do you want to do with them?

For example, if you have a photo and want to make it a screen background, just open the image, right-click it and select “desktop background”.

Let us know.

not sure if i can make it any clearer i have photos that went from my camera into the display properties instead of my picture folder,i was wondering how i can take them from the display properties and install them to a folder on my desktop as my camera pictures have been deleted thanks for your reply

@dnsdoor , deanimator tried to ask but maybe I can ask a different way.
Is “display properties” the name of a folder on your computer ?
What is your OS ?

windows xp and the properties folder is where you go to change your desktop picture [in display]

Can you not just drag and drop them onto your desktop, or required folder?

no for some reason i cannot drag and drop them i tried that i tried putting the pics on the desktop background and right clicking them ,i was wondering if there is somewhere in the program files i can get to them i will keep trying all thanks

To me, it seems like you placed your photographs in the Windows directory, which is where the display properties gets its main image list from.

Try this method first:

[li]Go into My Computer and into your operating system drive, which is most likely ‘C:’.[/li][li]Right-click on the “Windows” folder and click ‘Search…’[/li][li]Type ‘.jpg’ in the “All or part of the file name:” field and click ‘Search’.[/li][li]Go into the View menu and select “Arrange Icons By” and select “Modified”.[/li][li]If your images are in the Windows directory/sub-folder, they’ll be grouped together towards the bottom.[/li][/ol]

If the above method didn’t work, try this:

[li]Go into your display properties and take note of a filename of one of your own photos in here.[/li][li]Go into Start -> Search and click “Pictures, music, or video”[/li][li]Tick “Pictures and Photos” and type the filename you took note of.[/li][li]Click “Use advanced search options” and select “Local Hard Drives” from the drop-down.[/li][li]Click ‘Search’ and give it a few minutes to complete. [/li][li]Right-click on the search result and click properties. [/li][li]Take note of the location, go into “My Computer” and browse your way to this path to get them.[/li][/ol]

Does it give you an error message when you try moving them?

Sean was too fast for me. The trick is to find the actual folder where the images are.

I think you have to

  • go to the C drive
  • click open WINDOWS
  • click open Web
  • click open Wallpaper

If the images you want are there you should be able to select all, copy and paste to the folder you want, or right click and send

Let us know how you get on

sean i went to search typed in photo number found picture ,right clicked it and created a shortcut on the desktop,worked fantastic thanks brother