Pictures from Flattop mountain hike

My wife and I like to go hiking on the weekends and this was a good one, because in the US, we’re having a heat wave. Even at 5000 feet where we live, it got over 100 degrees F (37.8c) a few times this week. So, it’s nice to head up to even higher elevations and then it gets a lot cooler. I think it was probably 75 degrees at the summit of Flattop elevation 12,324’ or 3756 meters. There was even still some snow around to which is always exciting. In this shot, is a close-up of the water at the bottom, which has got to be chilly!

Anyway, Elk don’t like the heat and when we got up there, we saw some. We got a pretty good picture of one and it makes me feel good for some reason, that even in this day and age, a creature this large can survive in the wild.

But, in this picture, you can see from the summit, Grand lake on the other side of the continental divide in the background, which is another 13 miles away. :

There are also some more shots from the hike, that some of you may enjoy looking at, just click on the next and/or previous. The animal that looks like a big squirrel or something, is called a Marmot.

Those are very nice pictures - thanks for sharing them with us! :slight_smile:

Almost 38°C at 1500 meters altitude. :eek:
I’m glad I’m not where you are, 'cause I don’t much like temperatures above 30°C (86°F).

OMG! It’s a tail-less beaver … er … that didn’t sound right.

I think this is an example of what happens when beavers are left unchecked.
Giant dams with little puddles, which once were rivers.

Crabby, what beautiful pictures! Wish I could go somewhere like that - thanks for posting them (I’ll show my mum when she gets here) :slight_smile:

Marmots are soooo sweet, too :smiley:

Great shots…That cow elk looks healthy…
Glad I gave up hunting…

those are beautiful pictures, but I’ll never understand how people ENJOY hiking. sweating to death carrying like 30 pounds of crap on your back while walking through hilly and rocky terrain is NOT my idea of a good time.

to each their own haha. after college, my roommate took off to hike the Pacific Northwest Trail straight dowm from Canada to Mexico.

ya’ll are crazy!


Nice pictures - thank you for sharing with us-eh!

Thanks for the pictures Crabby - it sure looks like a wild place there at the top. The silence must be deafening.

Indeed. The secret is to get other people to unknowingly carry your beers up as well as their own.

I would love to visit that area, it has awesome scenery.