Picture quality and letterboxes

Hi there, I’ve looked around the forum and haven’t seen my question so I hope this isn’t a repeat.

I’ve been ripping DVDs with the MPEG-4 AVC Video Format and when I play them on my widescreen monitor not only do I have the black bars above and below the picture, but there are also black bars on either side of the picture. Is there a way to get rid of all the black bars so they videos can play in true full screen? Should I be ripping to a different format, or am I just stuck?

Also, I’m trying to get the best picture quality possible from my rips (as close to original DVD quality as I can) is MPEG-4 AVC my best option? Should I be tweaking any settings?

Much thanks from a n00b.

I have exactly the same problem with Ultimate 5.

I am ripping DVD’s into DivX AVI and when I play back on my laptop or TV through a media drive I get thick black bars at either side of the picture as well as under / over the picture.

I have tried cropping the picture and adjusting the aspect ratio without any success and I am sure that it isn’t the hardware I’m using - It must be a settings issue.

I have also tried various aspect ratios of the media I am ripping, still bars on either side.

All suggestions appreciated.

Me too i have the same problem but the good news is i play my riped videos with my WDTV this media player recognizes the accept ratio and it plays them back smoothly.