Picture quality (1:1 copy)

Sorry about the n00bish question, but if you only remove the extras, DTS sound and subtitles and don’t use any compression, will the picture quality of the copy be 100% identical to that of the original? In such scenario (1:1 copy), does it matter if you use CCE or a program like DVD Shrink?

as long as you don’t use any compression, the quality will be the same as the original no matter what program you use.

Also stick to QUALITY media. Cheap DVDs can go bad in a few months. I only buy Made in Japan media. You can find MIJ media under the Fuji, Maxell, and Sony names.

It’s also very difficult to discern between the ORIGINAL and COPY if you only compress the movie by 10 to 15%. Some “shrink” programs use detailed analysis to further improve the picture quality. In my personal experience, it’s more efficient to split the movie if I have to compress by more than 20%. The benefit, of course, is that you can always rejoin the movie when high density media becomes much cheaper.

if you’re interested in keeping 100% quality for the entire DVD, consider DVD Fab (free version). it will split the DVD to 2 discs while maintaining all working menus. the ONLY compromise is having to switch discs, but one that’s worth it IMHO.

check here to DL and for guides to DVD Fab (and other proggies as well) :D: