Picture problems

hi,i’ve used nero to burn some dvd’s,had problems with that (still unresolved)
but anyway,now i’m using convert x to dvd,it works great,one problem though. when the disc is done,i put it in my dvd player,and the picture,well. it’s widescreen format,so i would expect the black bars at the top and bottom,but they are also on the sides. so basically,it’s making the picture about the size of my computer moniter (17 inch) it’s kind of annoying while trying to watch on a 32 inch tv. can anyone help me out here? thank you.
p.s if you want any more info,just ask.

Is your TV 4:3 or 16:9 ?
Check your DVD player settings, use 16:9 for 16:9 TV and 4:3 Letterbox for 4:3 TV.