Picture Problem after Compression on Mac

I have a problem I would love help with. I ripped a purchased pre recorded disc DVD, released last year.

It is about (~8 gig). I used both DVD2oneX and Popcorn.

I compressed with both programs down to 4.1gig.
No matter what I do, the results are:
The playback appears to almost do a A/B between a:
clear/not so clear (pixelated) picture, changing every 3-4 seconds.

It only happens after trying to compress this one program. Others work fine so far. I have tried different media, record speeds, etc. on this DVD with the issue but no change.



What did you rip the disc with? I find that MacTheRipper works the best followed very close by Yade X. I go to extra lengths to get quality copies, but I always rip the disc seperatley with one of those two and I never ever use DVD2oneX. Bah! Throw it in the trash I say!

My process btw:

  1. Rip ‘full disc’ w/ MacTheRipper
    1a. If the movie isn’t too terribly large then go straight to Popcorn.
  2. If the movie is pretty big I start up my Virtual PC and edit it using DVD Shrink.
    2a. I tell DVD Shrink to make a movie-only video_ts file with only the apprpriate language and nothing else. I do this because it creates a dvd out of the dvd supplied (so-to-speak). I also make sure I haven’t compressed the movie yet by setting DVD Shrink pref’s to a custom size.
  3. Import the video/audio_ts folder back into OSX and compress with Popcorn like you would with a MacTheRipper ripped disc.


You could do all of your compression in VPC with DVD Shrink and then just burn the resulting dvd folder with Toast. Everything is decrypted so its all up to you.