Picture of main movie not clear

i backed up “The Messengers” all the previews & extra’a are in focus -clear…but when i play the movie it is not in focus or clear…i ripped it with clone dvd 2 290.9 and anydvd…any help is welcomed…Tadd_ 1020 :a thank you

Try again …

… but this time
> De-Select (UNcheck) the Previews / warnings/ etc

  • from the Back-up
    The Movie and the ‘Wanted’ Extras should then Back-Up fine

You should really do this anyway -
Do you really want the Previews on the Back-Up ?
Removing them greatly reduces the compression used


agree with Shan
too much compression
try movie only and one soudtrack
as it is just a backup, you don’t need all the other junk