Picture judder




looking for some much needed advice.

Have a a new Sharp 37XD1E LCD and Denon DVD 1730 player. When converting avi files to dvd using ConvertXtoDVD and I am getting really bad picture judder. If I watch an original DVD there is no problem.

So I am assuming it is related to the conversion process. I had video format set to automatic should i change this to PAL? I am also. encoding at high quality I was reading somewhere there maybe a problem with playing NTSC avi files on PAL tvs (europe) for LCD/Plasma. I am downloading the files from torrentspy so I am assuming that original dvd format was NTSC(American)

Anyone experienced this before and no how to resolve the problem?


It could be the files or poor media. What are you using to record on and what software are you using to do it?
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Do you Jitter? Whats Judder?



the software in question is convertxtodvd and its jittering not a juddering

the media is ok as its panasonic dvd+r it seems by changing the tv format to pal instead of automatic seems to have fixed the jitter for children of men the conversion was done at 25fps.(medium quality)

i’m going to test now pal high quality which is clocking in at 28fps…

hoping this is the root of the problem but it will take time to test. so if anyone has encountered this problem before i would be interested in their feedback:-)