"picture glitch" with clonedvd2 copies

hi all,
i am using clonedvd with anydvd and burning on taiyo yuden media (pioneer dvr-110 burner)
i have copied 10+ movies with this combination and on each copy the top left half of the picture is “missing”, only a couple of pixels high though
its hard to explain, but this screen should show what i’m talking about

I just started using this program I also use DVD shrink W ANYDVD to back up my movies. I have not noticed this issue you describe.

Let me thow out a couple of questions if I may…

  1. What kind of TV are you viewing on ? (LCD, Plasma, CRT )
  2. Are you backing up whole DVD or Movie only?
  3. What are the settings in Clond DVD2 ?

Just a few ides to look into.
Hope this helps…

TPW :slight_smile:

what speed are you using? what kind of media? those things usually happen from burning too fast and not great media.