Picture freezing when playing back

Ok, for the past week or two, EVERY movie I have burned (even single layer original dvd’s (e.g. lean on me, stand and deliver) and all the new releases recently freeze during certain scenes for about 15 seconds, then start playing again…then freezing at another point for 15 sec…playing again…

I’m using a plextor external burner with the latest firmware…

Taiyo Yuden 4X (but they burn at 16X) dvd-r’s…no labels on discs…

Using the latest versions of Anydvd and CloneDVD2…

Having the same problems with DVDShrink/AnyDVD/nero burning it…or dvd decrypter with nero…

I have the latest version of Nero Ultra 7

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Even if Taiyo yuden are the best media available, to burn a 4x certified media @16 is really too much. Try to burn these media @4x or @8x max.

I burn at 4x and still freeze’s evey now and then. I say the slower the burn speed speed the better the result, but I can’t be botherd waiting ages.

Wow that was very quick…thanks geno! Its odd, it just automatically burns them at 16X on dvdshrink/nero…and 12X on clonedvd2. These discs said 4X when I bought them from supermediastore.com. I think both programs are prolly set to burn on maximum speed. Would the speed issue really cause the problem I’m having? Could it be other reasons? Maybe the laser on my dvd player needs cleaning?

Also, is the combo of dvdshrink/anydvd or clonedvd2/anydvd considered the two best burning programs with the least amount of coasters or playback problems? Or are other programs more successful than these…

I think that most probable cause is a too high burn speed.

DVD Shrink does not have read and burn speeds becuase it read’s at one speed and does not burn DVD’s.

Ashmo, I know…thanks though. Yeah it uses an external program to burn (usually nero). Which program or program combos have the least amount of coasters/freezing/picture problems? Also, would the country diffence matter since I’m in the US? As far as I know…the only difference is region code…or MAYBE copy protection…but anydvd always updates to kill the new ones…

It does not matter where you are becuase DVD Shrink can change the region code for you. I use nero to burn my movie after shrinking it with DVD Shrink and I only get some freeze’s. Is your DVD-RW or DVD-R an external one or an internal one?

Try to create ISO images with shrink and then burn with decrypter or with cd-dvd speed

they are probably burning at such a high speed because your speed setting is set to “max” lower this to the rated speed of the media.

any program can produce a perfect disc. it’s a matter of the settings you use. in this case, your problem seems to be that you’re just burning too fast.

and no, the country does not matter for something like this. you’re in good hands with anydvd.

lower the burn speed and then let us know how it turns out. if it turns out that this didn’t solve your problem then we’ll keep trying, but it seems to me that this is your issue.

Well I have two burners (one that came with the comp…dual layer dvd internal) and external plextor which i purchased later…I use the internal to read and external to burn. I’m running a cd-dvd speed scandisc…so far (25% test done…im at 88% good, 10% damaged, and 1% bad) the rates for good keep going up and damaged and bad keep going down as the test continues…

Can you post this scan?

I mostly use CloneDVD due to so few backup problems most of the time. But I suspect you have it set to burn at Maximum (on the last "GO to Burn page) instead of manually choosing your burn speed to 4X or even 2X if your TY media is really rated at 4X. I didn’t know 4X rated TY was still available for purchase.

I’m doing this test for the first time…does it give an option for that? Or do i need to take a screen shot? P.S. My good section is decreasing as the test is going on :frowning:

I would not use the external one to burn you DVD movies, use your internal one!

Good advice above, take it!
My 8x Taiyo Yuden default to 16x in my Plextor 716a in Nero, but I sure don’t burn them above there rated speed! Unless you like the skipping and freezing.

ok i posted the results…

Is it true that you’re supposed to make the max SIZE in MB to 4300MB instead of say 4450-70MB… cause it burns to close to the edge of the dvd?

This is not the scan I asked for. You should select the “disc quality” tab, and scan @4x speed.

Anyway from this image is clear that disc is really bad burned. 16x is really too much for these media.

Sorry, OK…im running that test now…

I agree that both the ripper drive and the burner drive should be on the motherboard’s main IDE channels. I like the ripper on slave/channel1 and the burner alone on master/channel2. But many have their own opinions for good IDE configurations. Not on a PCI slot Controller board, nor RAID channels, nor externally mounted.