Picture Freezes

Hi I’ve got a SONY RDR-VX530 VCR/DVD Recorder. I recorded a program,usinga DVD-R disc,and during playback the picture freezes. After a few seconds it plays ok and then does it again. This only happens during approximately the first 15 minutes of the program. After that it plays ok. I watched the counter display,during recording,and there weren’t any pauses there. Am I doing,or not doing,something I should be? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Sounds like a faulty burn, probably media related.
Try some different discs, preferably from the list
of compatible media in the manual if there is one.

Hey Chuck44 Thanks for the reply. I played th DVD on another player and when it gets to the same spot the picture doesn’t freeze. It just got so messed up you couldn’t tell what was being shown. I’ve used several discs and it happens at the same location on all. I guess I’ll take it in to get it fixed. I’ve had it less than two months so it’s still covered. Thanks again for the reply,I sure appreciated it. Have a goodn

Let us know how you make out.