Picture freezes in old Sony DVD player



Hi! I’m jjGravitas.
I have an old Sony portable DVD player model DVP-FX810. It plays really solid but the picture freezes every few minutes. I could go into a lot more detail, but should I be posting this issue in a different forum/thread?




Does it do this with commercially made discs, or only with ones you have burned yourself?


Only commercially made disks, as I don’t burn my own. The picture freezing appears to be the laser not moving on its track (I would hear the laser if it was moving around). Smacking the player gets it going again. Also, when starting the player frequently, the laser doesn’t move and the DVD never starts. I get around this by manually moving the laser to a different position, which usually results in the laser moving by itself next time I start it up. There’s no dirt in the player and I use an air can to keep it dust free.