Picture freeze - not a dvd media issue

Has anyone else experienced problems with a panasonic dmr-eh50 dvd recorder whereby the picture will freeze (but the audio carries on)?

I’ve had the recorder for 3-4 months and havent had any problems til now, lately trying to record some of my old tapes to dvd and while generally viewing the cable tv (while not recording to dvd or hdd) every now and then the picture seems to go, changing channels a few times seems to help.

Sound familiar? Any ideas much appreciated.

Not a media issue? Have you scanned one of these media after burning?

The problem is either
a) Exists with the original
b) Introduced while transcoding
c) Introduced while burning.
d) Poor quality player.

My bets on either C or D, with a heavy bios towards C.

You have not told us anything about your media, your source, the programs you’ve used, your burner or firmware, nor anything else.

Please post a nero infotool log (with any serial numbers removed), a CD/DVDspeed quality scan, or some info on what you are actually doing and the programs (and versions) used.