Picture Editing Software



Anyone here have any recommendations for a picture editing software (jpeg, bmp, png, etc…) that is feature-packed, but isn’t a resource hog? I’m currently using IrFanView 3.95. It’ nice but I don’t like how when you use the “sharpen” feature my pictures turned out too jaggy around the edges. I understand that this is normal when sharpening any picture. What can I do to reduce the jaggies while preserving some sharpness when increasing or decreasing the picture size? Possibly a “smooth softening function” is required?

Gimp is nice, but requires 128 Mb of ram. Too much for my taste. I’m running a Pentium III 651 Mhz with 384 Mb of ram labtop. Wndows XP Pro with no service packs installed.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I use Ulead’s PhotoImpact.