Picture deterioration



Using CloneDVD 2.0 I copied a movie to my drive and the results were excellent. I then did another movie, which when viewed from the DVD is perfect but during CloneDVD’s analysis it shows that quality will be poor at only 60%. The resulting copy looks awful, like a grainy old VHS tape that has been recorded over many times. :sad:

How can this happen and is there any way to get a better copy?

I am not copying to another DVD, just to my hard drive so that I don’t have to carry the DVD with me when travelling.



Use DVD Decryptor to extract the movie to your hard drive with no compression and you won’t loose any picture quality.

Otherwise use DVD Shrink to rip and encode the DVD to your hard drive.


CloneDVD is a transcoding software, it’s used to compress DVD9 movies to DVD5 size. If you want better quality you should remove all the extra’s and audio tracks you don’t need. But, if you only want to watch ripped movies on your laptop then hastey’s recommendation would be the way to do it (although it does require more storage space that way).