Picture attach problem



ever since I replaced my dell computer with an HP
,I have been having problems with picture attachments.
I know you right click and copy the pictures url. The
problem is when I right click on the picture it say’s save
as,and I click on properties. So I copy the url jpeg by highlighting it.
It works on e-mails ,but not in the forum?


You need to copy the entire URL as most of the ones you used in the other thread were incomplete and didn’t point to an actual graphic file.

The URL should have .jpg, .png, .gif or some other graphics file format at the end. If it doesn’t then the URL is incorrect.

The easiest way of making sure you select all of it is to triple click on the URL in the properties box then you can copy and paste even very long URLs that aren’t entirely displayed in the properties box.



I tested to figure it out.
I also couldn’t use an image URL from an image on the forum.
I copied the URL correctly , pasted it in Manage Attachments " Upload from a URL " .
I got this message " This is not a valid image file " .

What does work is to use the “Insert Image” button at the top of the Reply Window.

I had never posted an image from a URL on the forum . So glad to know how.

I usually just do a right click “Save Picture as” to my Pictures on my computer & upload from there.


Same here cholla and I have tried to post a picture by upload from url and I couldn’t get it to work ,I through it was just me.shhhhhheeeee


[QUOTE=cholla;2628006] What does work is to use the “Insert Image” button at the top of the Reply Window. [/QUOTE]

marloyd , If you do as above it works fine .If you want to post imagege from a URL.

Once inserted this way if you want to move them around in the post you can
just by copy & paste .


Let’s try something:
(1) http://static.myce.com/forum_avatars/avatar198878_1.gif



Using Firefox, right-click onto the image, select “Copy Image location” and either paste as link or using the “insert image button”

Opera users use “Copy Image Address” from the context menu. The rest works the same way as with FF.

I can confirm, that “Upload from URL” might give some problems, but I am not sure if there isn’t something wrong with the linked picture. Messages like “.gif with wrong extension” are usually true. Changing the extension should help often.



ok I used copy image location
Thank you


I figured out that if you go to a picture right
click on it and click properties.When you go to the
url of the picture ,right click select all it will highlight
the url,then right click again,and click copy… Then
when you go advanced instead of going to insert the picture.
Just paste it. Then when it pastes the url just right click open
and it will show it. My question is is there a way you can just
open the picture in the reply box with it showing?


If you’ve got the correct URL then the easiest method is to:-

[li]start your post
[/li][li]place the cursor where you want the image to appear
[/li][li]click the ‘Insert Image’ icon
[/li][li]and finally paste in the URL (don’t forget to overwrite the extra ‘http://’ that is there by default).

If you want to see what it looks like before you post then click the link go to the advanced editor.

[B]Wombler [/B]


http://www.theblaze.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Bald-Barbie.jpg OKAY WOMBLER i TRIED IT.



I tried again


I Tried what you said still didn’t work


Worked fine for me

This is the URL I used:
I took off the http:// so it would post as text .
Just add it back to test.

This is the URL of the red X image you tried to post:

You didn’t " overwrite the extra ‘http://’ that is there by default " as Wombler posted.
So you have two of http:// the second one is missing a : colon.
Once this was corrected you can see it worked.


[QUOTE=zap em;2628477]Wombler
I Tried what you said still didn’t work

Sorry but all I can say is if you follow the instructions it will work, as cholla has already demonstrated.



[QUOTE=Wombler;2628491]Sorry but all I can say is if you follow the instructions it will work…


He’s unable to refrain from posting with his Caps Lock key engaged after numerous requests, and still not capable of using the ‘quote’ function, so I don’t see the possibility of him following instructions pertaining to attachments at this late date…


It’s good to hear from you. It’s been a long


You mean:



Very good I like a sense of humor


What I want to know, is why cholla is infatuated by bald barbie