It would be nice to have personnal pics,like in many boards…


This feature has been disabled. The avatars, as they are called, are stored at the CD Freaks server.
Because the serverload and moreover, the data traffic, is already high (and revenues from sponsors are not enough to pay the bills still), this feature has been disabled to save data traffic.

If there is a way to use avatars on this forum that are stored elsewhere, we are very interested of course.


I cl-cl-cl-click on the banners–every time I visit. ;)(everyday) ahh, life is good with a cable modem–the sucky part is its one-way.


I also click on those nice banners ;(

nevertheless it doesn’t change a thing for the traffic. so we could use avatars.

But he if everyone usses those pics (avatars) then in a way we are Unique :slight_smile:
aint we always …


More clicks = More bandwith ?
Enough clicks = Avatars ?
hummm…I wonder if you could upload your own “uinque” avatar on like a free webserver, and just <img> link it or something. humm…or is html taken out–yep, html is off… humm…but i can see where that comes into play. Lets see… thinking…

testing vb code with geocities…crosses fingers

3rd edit–sigh oh well… maybe that can be implimented though?