Picky Xbox

Ok well my xbox is a recent model, which plays copied dvds, however not copied cds, i have used different programs to copy to cd (clone cd, nero, windows media player) however the xbox still says that the cd cannot be read. i wasnt sure if this is totally dependant on the xbox, or if there was another program to make a 1:1 copy of the music

Microsoft sources 3 vendors for use in the Xbox console; Thomson, Philips and Samsung. Of those the Samsung are claimed to be the most ‘compatible’ while the Thomson is on the opposite end of the spectrum. My personal experience is that the Thomson drives do not read CDR/CDRW media. My Samsung equipped Xbox does read CDR/CDRW media, and works very well with the various DVD- media thrown at it. Incidentally the only DVD+ media that works is media burned using my BenQ drive, DVD+ media burned with my Plextor shown as unknown disc type.

I’ve read that Philips drives are between the two and more particular about media than the Samsung.

Google search for xbox dvd drive should get you what you’re looking for. Hope that helps.

If your drive has two circular holes in the tray, it’s a Samsung. Google some pics on it and you’ll see what I mean.

erm… yeh my xbox has a samsung drive then… but disks still dont work… other friends with xbox’s work fine with copied cds, but they have older editions… i spose ill just have to keep music on my computer