Picky 52246s HELP!

So i’ve had this drive that has given me some problems in the past. recently, after no hardware/software changes, my 52246s w/ the latest 6s0f firmware & latest nero (trying the one that came out yesterday or so in a minute) on 48x takes about 5 to 7 minutes whereas in the past it’s taken far less. Just for the heck of it i tried a 52x burn with media that i’ve used in the past, even from the same spindle (rated 48x), that i know works–takes about 5 minutes, where it usually takes about 2 and 1/2.

I remember having a similar problem after going from 6s0d to 6s0f when i was using the nforce2 IDE drivers, but a quick rollback to xp’s built in ones did the trick. So i figured i’d try the 6s0d firmware that i had laying around cuz the onlything 6s0f did was to increase overburning performance.

i flashed with both liteonflash and winmtkflash (cuz after using liteonflash 6s0f was still being reported) and still im at 6s0f. so just for the heck of it i flashed again using liteon’s 6s0f exe installer. still no go :sad:

so should i assume the drive really was a lemon? if so, is there any difference between the two 52x liteon’s currently out? both have the same specs, so far as i can see. or also i was htinking of going for the cdrw/dvdrom combo cuz my dvd reader is only 12x–do people like these as much as separate drives? im weary cuz usually all in one things arent great, and firmware doesnt get released as much as single drives, etc…

thanks alot!

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