Picking a new DVDRW: LG H22L/H22N, Samsung S182M, or Liteon 18x/20x

My head is spinning…

I have narrowed my new burner choices to
18x LG…H22L or H22N…I prefer lightscribe(to have and try)
18x Samsung…182M
18x Liteon
20x Liteon

I can get a new LG18x H22L(I had one but returned it becasue scans seemed to degrade but in retrospect the burn quality and playback has been excellent on the burns I made
Only seems to be neg. feedback here…but the burns posted sure look good…expectations too high??, fast …

The LG@BB is $55

Samsung…looks good by reports…by I have seen no DL burns(well one and it was not nearly as good as my 1640)
cdrlabs…alot of neg reports by a few

18x/20x Liteon…scarce data so far…18x maybe flashable to 20x(Lightsrcribe version, unknown if flashable)…kinda afraid of Liteon drives…not sure why

My personal choice is the LG but it costs $22 more than 18x Samsung/Liteon

LG H22L BB after coupon…%55 with tax
samsung 182M $31 free shipping with paypal
Liteon 18x $31 free shipping

Any thoughts guys???

i’ve been looking for a new one myself to replace my NEC 3520a. i’m at a toss-up between the lite-on 18x and a pioneer 111d. since i already have a benq which is kind-of like the lite-on i think i’ll go with the pioneer. you don’t have to follow suit just giving you another option :slight_smile:


Go for the H22N, i have one myself, supports bitsetting and burn quality is just fabulous. Haven’t gotten a single coaster yet.

Good choice.

You don’t have to pay $55. Get an OEM version of the H22N from newegg.com, ewiz.com or any other respectable place online.

It’s every bit as good as the retail boxed H22L or H22N. LightScribe is not worth the extra $20-25.

I went with the H22N from Newegg…I will then get a Liteon 20x lightscribe when newegg has it(since I saved $25)