Picking a good SSD for MaxVeloSSD



There are a lot of inexpensive SSDs on the market right now. I’ve noticed that many of the least expensive ones have fast sequential read and much slower sequential write speed ratings.

I understand that using the RAM caching option in MaxVeloSSD improves write-back caching and minimizes actual writes to the SSD.

If that’s true, I think the life of the SSD will be greatly improved because they’re rated for a certain number of program/erase cycles before the NAND cells degrade and malfunction. But the program/erase cycles aren’t used up by reading data, only writing/erasing it. If RAM caching is used in conjunction with SSD caching (MaxVeloSSD) it will greatly reduce writes to SSD and therefore the drive’s lifespan.

But the other benefit, I would think, is that the cheaper SSDs with good read, but not-so-good write speeds would still be great since writes will be mostly done in the RAM cache anyway. Is that right?

Since you guys are SSD experts (and I’m a beginner), I should ask you: if you were building a new computer with a big spinning HDD and MaxVeloSSD, which SSD would you buy for the cache?