Pick my dvd burner

Hi folks. I’m obviously a dvd burner newbie.I need advice on what burner to get. I’ve used the search function, but there is just too many burner choices, too many burning formats too understand and too many software options for a person like me that has precious little time to read. Once upon a time when I was younger I could read about this stuff for days and days, so therefore I wouldn’t need to post a question like this. Nowadays, the job, the wife and kid and other real world pressures prevent me from doing so.

So here I am asking you all for advice. I was hoping that a few kind souls would point me to a burner to purchase. If you could point me to a burner and software while keeping the following considerations in mind, I would really appreciate it.

I’m in the U.S. and make most of my computer component purchases from Newegg. I see that the fastest burners can be had for around US$60 on that site. I’d like to stay in that price range.
-The number one thing this burner would be used for is backing up the movies I have purchased. Therefore, the backups need to be able to play in standalone dvd players.
-Easy to use while at the same time accurate burns.
-I don’t plan on copying games.
-I already have Nero 5.5 Express(came with a CD burner). I don’t know if it is good enough for dvds.
-Fastest ripping speed(for about $60). I think that I read that not all burners are fast for ripping.
-I have no idea exactly what these things do, but someone told me to get a burner that can bitset and bookmake.
-I have no idea what software to use. Something that is easy(not Roxio :)) and effective.

Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it.


Suggest the NEC 3500 - if you can find one - otherwise the NEC 3520-

The Plextor 716 is a great burner also - but on the expensive side - but full of features-

The Benq 1620 Pro is a favorite of many-

Me personally - have two NEC 3500’s and am very happy with them both-


Benq1620, LG4163, NEC3500, are all good burners.

I agree with harley2ride, the BenQ DW1620, LG GSA-4163B, and the NEC ND3500A/ND3520A are all decent burners and you really can’t go wrong in the $60ish price range. Just feed them good media like TY, Ritek, Verbatim, etc and you can’t really make a bad choice. If I had to pick myself I’d either go for the BenQ DW1620A as the first choice since I have one or I’d potentially consider the LG GSA-4163B now that the price is pretty similar to the BenQ. The NEC ND3500A was a less than stellar drive and that is the reason I put it up on the shelf for a spare burner if one of mine ever dies. Plextor 716A seems good but is pricey as mentioned above and I don’t know much about the Pioneer 109 drives to make a good call on how good or bad they are. Good luck with whichever drive you get. :slight_smile:

Benq 1620 Flash with latest firmware and the speed mod. DVD Shrink, DvdDecrypter to rip movies that Shrink won’t. Both are freeware. You can burn with DvdDecrypter if you want, I use Copy to DVD, it’s not free but well worth the cost, I think. Any of the choices are better than Nero or Roxio for burning movies. For about $50-$60 something USD you can get AnyDVD and CloneDVD, a package deal, that a lot of folks use to decode,rip and burn with without storing the movie on your hard drive.
Use good media and enjoy burning your movies.
However if you hang with this bunch you will have to get a new 'Puter with 5-6 bays for burners and a terrabyte of hard drive and The Super Duper High speed Processor. But hey, it’s fun. A good bunch of people here and a few crabs, but fun to hang with.
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I’ve tried of bunch of 'em, including the latest Plextor from a retail store where I returned it. I got a NEC 3520A from Newegg and it has performed well with good media like the FujiFilm 8x DVD+R onsale at Best Buy. Even with riplock removed, the NEC rips DL discs at 3-7x max though, so I also got from Newegg a $25 Aopen DVD-ROM drive that can rip at 12x of higher speeds with DL discs. The NEC has good firmware support for full bitsetting - so in combination with a separate fast ripper drive you get the best of both worlds. For a single drive, the Benq is excellent and with new firmware can rip at higher speeds as well and also supports disc quality scans, its a bit older design that doesn’t support all the upcoming highest speed media types like DVD+RW 8x that the NEC does. The choice is yours!

i can`t realy add anything about choice of burner as thats already been coverd. but i can recomend nero 5.5 make sure you update to the latest version
avoid roxio it could cause headaces if you need to update nero further then get

You can always download and test it with the latest Nero version for 30days and compare with the capabilities of your current Nero version.

wow. thanks for the replies everyone. i expected to be flamed for not doing hours and hours of reading :). maybe the flaming is yet to come lol.

i keep seeing the same 2 burners in most posts: the Benq and the NEC. i have never heard of Benq before. is it a generic, a rebadged or an off brand burner of some sort? is it a reliable product? also, other than what comes in the box, is there a difference between the different 1620 models? IE: Benq1620a, 1620 Pro, etc.?

thanks for answering questions that have probably been asked here a bazillion times. :bow:

Phillips are rebadged Benq drives. the difference between the 1620a & pro is the firmware.
TDK & Maddog drives are rebadged NEC`s.

I’m sure Ill get flamed for recommending this burner, but I have had no problems with it, and it is a very reliable burner for me. It is the NuTech DDW-082, its not dual layer, but other than that, it can do pretty much anything else. I got one last summer after reading the CDFreaks review of it (which was good.) Their review is here: http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/138

Peace and Luv,

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Benq is the old Acer crowd with a new name-


Acer? Yikes! Maybe I should turn my attention to the NEC drives as I have had bad experiences from Acer products in the past.