PI Problem

I have 2 Sata dvd writers in my pc

1 optiarc 7170s

Have a small problem

On any dvdr i copy ( used Ritek g05, tyg 03 and tth02 ) ive used nero, imgburn etc , ive used both drives etc, on the fly, images etc

when i do the nero disc quality test i alway get a high pi spike ( goes to 378 ) around the 1.5 mark on every disc ( average is about 2 til i hit this)

this happens when i test all different media, software etc

whats causing my pc to do this?

I assume you’re using your Optiarc AD-7170S for the Disc Quality Scan.

NEC drives in general are not good for DVD Disc Quality Scans because they produce scans that can vary wildly from drive to drive, vary wildly between scanning speeds, and even vary wildly between scans on the same drive at the same speed.

NEC drives also overreport PIE (I think they report bytes in error instead of rows in error).

You can try to scan at a different scanning speed, but I never found a sane scanning speed on my 7170 or 7173 drives.

ah right what a bloody quick response

it must be the drive like you say mate

ive played em in dvd player and they play so im happy with that

thanks for the reply