PI/PO Test Report (Bad Drive ?)



Attached are the test results of a brand new 716UF drive. The POE’s seem to be much too high. Disc was a T02 burned at 12X.


PlexTools Professional V2.23 Q-Check PI/PO Test
Copyright © 1999-2005 Plextor SA/NV
Saturday, May 21, 2005

              PIE        POE        POF
   Avg       0.52       0.03          -
   Max         16        345          -
 Total     74545      4805          0


Well you got me wondering so I scanned a TY02 burned @16x and got worse results than yours. Disc was burned about two months ago, Plays fine in my stand alone player, I normally Just do Sum 1 and 8 to check if the disc is good. I think my drive is working OK and Plextools help doesn’t really expand on the POE’s. But I do know POF’s are not good, not sure about POE’s! :slight_smile:
BTW your PIE’s look really good.


i wouldn’t worry about POEs unless they result in POFs of course. they are the result of PIFs though…

here’s a thread with an explanation (post #8 by Halcyon):

btw, all of my scans exhibit those high POEs…but as long as i don’t see any POFs and my read transfer rate is smooth, i don’t pay attention to them.


hehe drpino. Well why didn’t you post that before I did a long labour intensive scan and reply. :bigsmile:


hehe, but you love scanning so much i think you would have done it regardless :wink:


[B]Thanks Guys,

Since the drive is brand new, I am trying to determine if a problem exist or is this the common Q-Scan results to be expected ???

The firmware version is 1.07 (the latest) and Plex Tools 2.23…

Thanks on Advance…



I think your result is OK.

The guys at www.cdrinfo.com have done a review of the 716a. They use to scan for POE in their tests. For an idea what good/bad results look like, have a look at their scanning results in the said test: http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=11953&PageId=13



Thanks for the LINK…

It appears that my Q-Scan results are within the norm for the 716. Now, if only Erik would only release the Plextor version on Nero CD/DVD Quaility Test.


Thanks for all the HELP…[/B]


beach-hobo, this article is an interesting read I think :wink: Basically, your burst test looks just fine.