PI/PO scans... analyzing the results?

I burned two copies of the same movie in two different burners. I wanted to see which produced less errors and would provide higher quality backups. The first is my old NEC ND2510A and the second is a Lite-ON 160(something) which Nero CD-DVD speed reports as a SONY DW(something). The nec seems to whoop this new supposed litey’s rear end but im not exactly how to read the results of these scans. Theirs like PIF PIO errors and I dont know… could someone explain the results of such tests or help me with this. I can post the results… I did scans on both disks with both DVDinfopro and Nero CD-DVD speed.

I’d probably trust the LiteOn scans a little more. I’m sure if you post the scan(s), folk here will help you with them. :slight_smile:

Edit: BTW, for future reference, the Blank Media Forum is where we post our scans. Don’t be shocked if someone moves this thread there. :wink:

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You do have a lot of reading to do, in order to be able to be your own judge of the media you burn. Dont woorry we will all be around to help out. Start with the following:

[size=2]Media FAQ’s

Interpreting PI PO error scans[/b]
[b]CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality (PI/PIF) Test

The Big KProbe thread

That is enough reading for starters i think - and yep this goes to the media forum :slight_smile: