PI/PO scanning possible on BD-R media?



I just picked up a lovely LG BH10SL30 10x BD-R burner today, and it has been working very well with Verbatim 4x BD-R media. Unfortunately, it appears that the LG drive is not capable of doing the same PI/PO error scanning as my trusty old BenQ burner could for DVDs.

I imagine BD still uses error correction quite heavily, so there would have to be some way of measuring how good a burn is, rather than simply saying whether a block is readable or not. What BD drives support this? And will be old copy of CD-DVD Speed ( support PI/PO scanning and jitter measurement?


LG drives never supported PIE/PIF scanning, and as far as i know the same applies for the bd-r drives.
The best way to find how good tour burn is, is to either get a liteon drive, or do a transfer read test and a scan disc test in nero disc speed.


I found another thread over at CDRLabs (http://www.cdrlabs.com/forums/finding-good-media-ldc-bis-error-scans-t25358.html) that mentions Samsung and Lite-On drives. I can pick up the Samsung SH-B083L locally, but at $120 it costs just about as much as my LG writer. The LiteOn IHES108 is $100, and the IHOS104 is only about $65… might be worth picking up a second BD-ROM to watch movies while burning on the other drive…


If you are happy with your lg, and transfer rate test also look ok, dont buy anything. That’s my advice for the moment, you can wait a little more to see who
things are evolving.