Pi/po Scan Speed?

Hello everybody, I’m a nwbie at this, and have been reading the post for a while now. This is the best site I’ve been in on, go CDFreaks

My question is when doing PI/PO scans what is the best speed to scan it with?
Which is more reliable a scan at 2x (Plextools) or 16x (Kprobe)?
Or does it all depend on which reader you use?

Optical Drives:
Plextor PX40TS
Lite-on SOHC 5232k
Plextor PX716A TLA0202 w/1.04

There is no best scan really. The PI/PO scans are an interpretation of how well that particular drive can read that particular disc. It is said that PlexTools follows the error measurement standards very closely though and that a low scan speed is preferred. Look at it this way: if PlexTools/Plextor drive at 2x gives you a perfect scan while Kprobe/Lite-On drive at 16x shows an awful result (scanning the same disc of course), what does that tell you? Nothing useful other than that the Lite-On drive had more problems reading that particular disc. Does that mean it’s a bad disc? Not really since if you would lower the read speed for the Kprobe/Lite-On scan the amount of errors will probably decrease dramatically. I personally think it’s best to test your disc through everyday usage. If it works well in different devices you have a good burn. The PI/PO scans are just a primary indication.

I hope this helps you a little. I know it’s all very confusing and answering questions such as yours is difficult because opinions on this matter vary. In general a lower read speed when performing a PI/PO scan shows less errors. Then is this a better scan method? Impossible to answer :wink:

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Thanks for the reply. This can get a little confusing, but I get it.
Thanks again