PI/PO errors with 851s?

I just got a new 851s. Updated to latest firmware and I burned my first disc at 4x, lite-on smartburn identified it as ricohjpn.

nero cd/dvd speed seemed to read the disc just fine. Then I put the disc in my lite-on LTD-163D dvd drive (GHR8 firmware) to use with kprobe 1.29
here are my results with PI/PO sum :1

everything looks great, but when I was reading the review for the 811s here I noticed the article used PI/PO sum :8, so I tried that

and the PI errors shot up quite a bit. I haven’t had a cahnce to run kprobe with the dvd burner as the reader yet (trying not to reboot that machine for a while) but are these results normal?

Try rescanning your disk in your DVD burner. The DVD ROM drives are know for higher graphs.

What media did u use??

Is your latest firmware “GS0C”??

media is code ricohjpn 4x rated, burned at 4x. The burner had the firmware “GS0C” before burning.

So I finally got around to getting k-probe on my burning machine, and doing a test, the relsults are weird:

I’ll probably burn a few more discs to see if I can get a more normal graph.

Just did the test at 4x (instead of 8x read) relsults are much better

so if I wanted to copy a burned dvd, should I limit the read speed then?

The 4x scan looks pretty ok… actually better than mine with GS0C…

how can u limit the read speed?? I mean, Neo drive-speed doesn’t work for me!! Just make sure u make an image on the harddisk 1st :wink: They should give u an error if the program cannot read the source.

I haven’t done anything with it yet, but nero 6 has a tool called nero drivespeed, which seems to let you set maximum read speeds

I realized you probably meant nero not neo in your post…

mehmehmeh, Your scans look pretty much the way mine do with that firmware. They’re “OK”. but I lite-on improves on these write stratagies because this type of burning isn’t very good… .Oh well… I heard GS0F just came out. I’m going to upgrade to that with hopes of better burning. Good luck with your new burner.

Those scans are much better than the 811S that I have… Id be happy if I were you, because it looks like its burning pretty well…

Forgot to mention, you may want to scan @ 2 or 3X because this drive is a bit flacky when scanning at 4X. Go figure?.

His drive seems to scan OK @4X.
My 411@811 scans like crap @4X, that’s why I do scan @Max usually. Of course I do use also 8ECC.