PI/PO DVD burn speed

I’ve very strange results with my BTC 1008IM and somes bad quality media like Ritek G04. If I burn those media at 4X I have bad results, I can’t read them on some players and when I burn at 2X I have very very bad results, I can’t read them on any DVD player and they have bad PI/PO in Kprobe.
Why I want to burn at 2X ? With bad quality media, like some Ritek, my friends wich are using Pioneer or Sony burner have good results at 2X. With my BTC, I have bad results at 4X and very bad results at 4X.

Did somebody made test on the same media at different writing speed ?

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My english is bad … perhaps that my first post was not very clear.

Does somebody made test with DVD-R at 2X. I’ve very bad results with my 1008IM at 2x instead of at 4X I can read the DVD I Burn. (For example : 4X : pi max 300 PO max 37 - 2X : PI max 800 Po max 68).
One of my friend has a Pioneer with wich he can burn at 2X when the media are not good. It seems that you can’t do the same thing with the BTC write strategy on some media.

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i think it depends of the media you got, i can´t burn them in good quality on my 1004 but when flashed with 1008 fw i got good results. others can´t get good results at all. and not only btc drives

it´s like russian roulette, i´ll never buy riteks, i spend some cents more and buy TY

oh, and your post was very clear

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Something I don’t understand is why the quality of the dvd I burn is better at 4X than at 2X ?

And I’m going to buy verbatim next time …

i think the writestrategie is sometimes working better @ 4x, but i`m not sure maybe are there no differences in the strategie.