PI/PIF Scanning with DVR-110?

My friend owns a Pioneer DVR-110 (maybe 110D) and he wants to scan his discs after burning to ensure they will last atleast a year (as i’ve been told dvd’s deteoriate fast). However I sent him a link to CD-DVD Speed and the disc quality scan is greyed out. What program should I tell him to get to scan for errors on his pioneer drive? Is there other way to ensure a proper burn.

Pioneer burners are no good scanners…

You’d have to edit the registry to allow Nero CD DVD Speed to use the Pio for scanning and you can use DVDInfoPro with the burner too.

But don’t count too much on the results! Superb media and a great burner to create good quality burns count more here.

hmm I thought they scanned ok, but then how can he check that his burn is ok then? maybe a transfer rate test?

DVD’s only deteriorate if you treat them like crap. Scanning to determine burn quality will provide absolutely zero indication of archival stability.

I weren’t that sure about it.:slight_smile: You think the error numbers do not change by time ? If a DVD had high error numbers just after the burning chances are great it won’t last that long. Anyway in worst case a transfer rate can be used to determine burn quality.

regards, Stephen

I dunno man… people keep telling me the storage capabilities of DVDs aren’t anywhere near cds and I should rebackup DVDs atleast once every year because they just ‘deteriorate’ by themselves… ofcourse i keep all my dvds in mint condition.

Don’t worry
This is not your experience only. Pioneer 109 or 110 (actually asus 1608P and 1608P2) drives are not good scanners.

read the thread, look at the pics:

and my message:

pictures are worse than yours, because they are scanned with pioneer 110

Agree :iagree: