PI PIF PO testing scanning on NEC drives

KbProbe can’t be use for sure.

I tried Nero CD/DVD speed version 3.10

but hardware failure occur everytime after disc spin up

I’m pretty a newbie in burning DVDs,

thanks for the helps from u guys in advance.

you cant , nec cant do it , you need to have nu tech, or liteon drive to test pi/po, benQ also will do it.

Nec cant? sadly

one more question.

does LiteOn’s DVD-Rom can test the PI/PO ?

it can but the level you see will not be as good as liteon writer they say you should not scan with liteon rom only the writers because of the levels.

thanks so much

so LiteOn’s DVD-writer’s scan looks better, right?

correct liteon roms will scan but , its has been talked about in number of forum that the result is iffy at best and that only liteon writes ie 401/411/451/811/851/812/832/1213
can be trusted for good results on pi/po scans

now other drives can pi/po too

nu tech 081/082
BenQ 800/822/830
sony 700a
to name a few

You can use Liteon dvd-rom readers tu test PI/PO with cdspeed 3000.
See their compatibility list on their site.



Well im gunna sound like a total n00b here, cos basically I am to all the scanning & quality stuff. Anyways, ive just got my NEC-3500 today and im wanting to do some scans on some stuff im going to burn to see the quality of the discs etc… But i cant figure out what program will let my scan the disc using the NEC-3500. Maybe it is not possible to perform scans with these drives and I need a specify dvd drive instead, could anybody help?

The only other dvd drive I have is NEC-1300, and I did ave some Artec DVD reader but I cant seem to find it anywhere, though I doubt that would have worked!?


The ND-3500 will not do PI/PIF scans, however if you use nero you can use CD/DVD Speed to test the media and you can also use it to scan for errors on the disc, If you don’t have nero you can use DVDInfoPro.

I used DVDInfoPro earlier and did an error scan and it scanned each block reporting back if anything was wrong or not. Is that the only diagnostic I can do?


Do a speed test, thats a good way of telling how well the media burned, look for a nice clean curve upto a max of 16X

Curved enough for me :iagree:

I recently flashed my NEC 2500a to Herrie’s 107V2B5 firmware. The first disk I burned with this new firmware seemed to make my home DVD player freak out a little bit; the mechanism was going back and forth and making a bunch of noise before finally settling in and playing the disk.

So, I got curious about trying to do a Kprobe or DVDInfoPro PI/PO scan. I’ve never done one before, and only just recently learned how to interpret results.

My question is this: can these tests be run with the 2500 drive? I can’t seem to get them to run, and am wondering if I need another drive to run the actual test.

Thanks, and sorry… I know this is probably a very noob question. But really, I did poke around with the search tool before asking.

PS - When Herrie makes modifications to firmware, does he usually leave manufacturer-specified write strategies intact? (Other than maybe adding 8X to a disk that might not have had it before.) When he changes the media list, it’s usually just to add additional disks, right? It’s not like he’s changing the write strategies for the ‘certified’ speeds?

The Nec drives do not support PI/PO/PIF error reporting. You will have to have a different drive. Kprobe only works on Liteon drives. The least expensive answer is to purchase an Aopen 1648/AAP dvd-rom drive for around $31 from Newegg (temporarily out-of-stock, though). There is a very long thread on the Aopen drive in the general recording hardware forum here.

Hi, I have a 2500A @ 2510A will wich soft i can make a Pi/po test ?

thanks :wink:

pi/po testing is impossible with all NEC-based drives :frowning: