PI Errors? PI Failures? What makes a good scan/burn? :o

Hello, and sorry to bother you guys with this question… I burned this media today, TYG03, a 16x certified DVD-R media. Would you mind helping me figure out what makes a good burn?

TYG03 at 16x with SB/HT - On, OS - Off

This was done on the 1635s, with the test firmware.

How do I interpret this scan? Are there a certain numbers I should be looking for when looking at PI Errors and PI Failures? Or will going by the quality score be good enough? I’ve read through the forums on this subject, but there does not seem to be any definite numbers to go by on this subject… Thanks in advance!

That’s an excellent result. :slight_smile: The quality score indicates that the PIFs are very good and PIE max can be up to 280, your max is only 15. Another good example of how well HT works as most drives can’t burn TYG03 that well. :wink:

Some additional information on scan results:

Wow, nice burn - at 16x, too! :clap:

Just to be clear, ALL of my burns have been like this ever since using the new HT enabled firmware for the 1635S. :bow:

I was just never sure what the numbers exactly meant.

What about the PIF numbers… I know being under 4 is good, but what about the total. Does is matter if the PIF total is 100 or 1000 as long as they are all under 4?

A low number of PIF is sure better but it is more important low values.
Low values and number mean good burn/disc. :wink: