PI Errors high? Ran cd-speed

I have been backing up my own dvds to my Verbatim DigitalMovie DVD+r 1x-4x. I have a Lite-on LDW-851s(its crossflashed with SOHW-832s now but when i burned my movies, they were with the newest ldw-851s firmware).

I ran cd-speed to check the pi errors and pi failures and they seem really high. The Results are:

What do you think theses results mean? I burnt these at 2.4x because burning at 8xthe movies seemed to skip/freeze in some dvd players. I play these on my xbox as a dvd player and they seem to play fine.

What are the bounds of a bad burnt disc and a good burnt disc when scanned with cd-speed?

you should scan at 4x not max when using liteon`s

its advisable to do a tranfer rate test as well

alright im gonna redo it and replace the results on the origional

Here are the new tests. im posting this because it seems that the number of total PI errors and PI failures is gigantic. am i wrong?

PIE are very good, but PIF are rather high. However in my opinion this is not a totally bad burn, because PIF max is under 4.

how can i reduce the PIF? why is there also a total PIE so large also? im just getting into this error stuff so iv been doin some reasearch on this also. i just did a scan on a dvd i burned at 8x and it had(at the end part) many pifs maxing at 12 so i know 2.4x is makin it bette than it was. Also on the “quality score” does that really mean anything…or what i mean is should i put any ‘value’ to that number on cd-speed?

Believe me, total PIE is not so high. In my opinion is good.

Try to read this thread regarding interpreting of scans

another question i have is, some of the dvds i burnt at 8x that skip in regular older players but the new ones burned at 2.4x dont skip. i tested my dvds that were burnt at 8x and the have PIF that is kinda high and PIE that is kinda high also(higher than the 2.4x burnt dvds). am i able to take CloneDVD and just recopy the dvd and burn the new copy at 2.4 and it will be ok or will it copy the errors over also? I ran cd-speed and the scandisc says all the secrots are 100% good.

Different players will have trouble where your Liteon might not.

Your burner is old, that limits how good it is at burning. Short of spending $40 to get a better burner you can stick with +R and maybe try TY; I find that their 8X +R is the best I can get. Also Allmediaoutlet.com has a very good price on Ricoh 4X. I recall that these were pretty good on older Liteon drives.

Re-copying the old discs will not transfer the errors. You will get a new burn with its own errors.

Ricohjpnr01 burns exelent on my liteon 851s@832s, in fact it even burns it beter than my nec 3500.

Buy a Better Burner----Buy Better Blank DVD-R or DVD+R (i prefer DVD-R) Burn at 8x or 12x or 16x (i use 8x) n if they play in your Home Set Top DVD Player and someone elses then Stop Worrying about Pie n Pif n Read errors…Why do i say that! Because in the end it will make you Paranoid…As long as your Burn is Successfull n it Plays Excellently, Why Worry!!!..Enjoy n be HAPPY.
But there again! if you are a Pie n pif Fanatic I suggest you get a Life…
Be Good, Be Happy.

new recorder do you suggest? Iv read that Verbatim i a good brand of media also?

Verbatium is good media. If your liteon is doing ok, I personally wouldn’t consider it nesasary to get another burner (then again, you can never have too many burners, lol). If you do want another burner, a benq 1640 or an nec 3540 would be good choices. You can get either for about 40$ from newegg (if they are not on sale that cheap now, they will be).

im thinking i want a new burner…sometimes it craps up at 8x on other players. I have modded my xbox(with a modchip and new operating system on it) so i could use it as a dvd player(yes the dvd playback kit is $30 or so that i remember but the chip was $32, $40 shipped overnight so i said y not? there are so many possibilities with a modded xbox anyways so i spent the extra $10 for the mod chip). The dvds that i have watched on the xbox do fine, but crap up in other dvd players(the ones burned at 8x), probably becase of the processing power it has. from what iv read some of the errors require the dvd to slow down and correct the errors for smooth playback. I found some on ebay that i might take a look at.

Is the Lite-on SOHW-1673S black any good?

Stick with a BenQ 1640 or 1620 if you can find one.

Don’t take the risk of Ebay; the 1673 is old. Get a new 1693 from Newegg.com, or a BenQ 1640 or NEC 3550. All around $40.

Best advise you can get!

Dont take the risk of ebay? Iv gotten many things off of ebay with no problem at all…i make sure I read exactly what is up for sale in the fine print. I got my car stereo system(all of the speakers and an amplifier for the front speakers) that were brand new and work perfectly. What is bad about ebay if you are smart about what you bid on?

Hey silent…Don’t get chas or myself wrong. Ebay is fine and dandy, But, when it comes to buying drives, it’s to risky cuz you usually won’t get a warranty with it. And the price of drives has come down so much that one is just better off buying from a place like newegg where you have the option of sending it back in the event you get a lemon. So unless you have money to waist, I wouldn’t risk it. By the time you pay for shipping and such, you’ll be in the same range as you would be with newegg. That’s all we’re trying to say and I’m pretty sure chas was coming from the same thought. :smiley:

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