PI Error spike

Greetings. I’ve burned several discs now using my new DW1620. I’ve been happy with the burns, but I’ve noticed a pattern. They all seem to have a PI Error spike around 0.75 gigs into the disc. I’m curious if this behavior is normal or if it’s anything I should worry about and try and correct (with new firmware, different media, etc).

[li]I am running firmware G7P9 on a “Made in China” DW1620.
[/li][li]Drive mfg. date is October 2004.
[/li][li]Media is Moser Baer India with ID: MBIPG101 (Memorex)
I’m reluctant to upgrade from G7P9 as it’s working very well now. And…as the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Here’s two examples:

i have found that memorex media sucks. try different media


I would recommend, generally speaking, Made in Japan media, like TY or MXL RG03. Other stuff will work good, and I’ve heard positive reports about Prodisc, but always try to use really good media.

BTW, your scans are still acceptable. Anything above 94 is OK, and if it plays in your set-top DVD player, that’s the most important test.

  • Jie