Physics graphics cards to hit the shelves this fall

Physics graphics cards ready, waiting for content

Siggraph 2005 PPU cards to hit the shelves this fall

THE COMPANY behind PhysiX, the worlds first Physics processing Unit told us that it has got the first hardware out of the fabs. The cards are nearly ready and the company already announced that Asus will be happy to sell them to the world. However the company will team up with some other partners before it launches the card.
It is on track to bring this hardware into retail by the autumn, we could not get anything more specific than that. The company is mainly waiting for the game demos as it needs to ship the game content with the cards. You can compare its position with 3DFX when it launched the Voodoo card as AGEIA has to convince people that you need physics acceleration just as 3DFX had to convince people that you actually need 3D acceleration.

The first games are expected when the card is announced and now the company believe that most developers are going to release patches for retail games supporting PhysX hardware card.

The cards are going to be PCI based as that is about the only slot that usually remains unoccupied and the company wants to move to PCIe 4X once when that becomes the standard.

We’ve seen the hardware demos twice now and we are impressed by the way it looks. The company also announced many plug-in announcements from important CAD/CAM packages such as 3Dstudio max, and Softimage and those plug-ins support both the Novadex engine and the future hardware PhysX card. AGEIA decided to rename its Novadex SDK to AGEIA PhysX SDK.

Once it’s out, this might help to bring the world of more real physics to a higher level.

Source: The Inquirer

I thought thats what whe had CPUs for, to crunch numbers…

WooooHoooo!!! Better than Life … Here we come!
pppsssssttt … dedicated chips will always outperform a generic chip, for a given clock speed, that why we have Video Cards & Audigy’s :wink:

So what are we gonna do with our CPUs then

If you own a Pentium 4, you could always fry your Bacon & eggs :wink:

If you own an AMD, you can use it to multitask your IO, one X2 for your HD, the other for your very cool BDRW :wink:

Once a given task begins to occupy too much of the cpu’s workload on a consistant basis …I guess there becomes the need to offload it on too separate dedicated hardware?

I have actually tried my Pentium 4 CPU to heat water using a water cooler. The water tank can contain nearly 3 liter water. Just 30 minutes or so, and warm 2-3 liter water produced. :slight_smile:

Maybe someday computers and other electronics should be used to recycle wasted energy in some automated ways.