Physical problems with a Lite-on CD-ROM

I’m having problems with my CD-Rom drive. When I insert a cd it starts it’s intial spinning and sometimes at the end it will whine like it’s rubbing against something and it won’t read correctly. I eject and then insert again and it reads fine and will continue to read as long as I leave it in there and don’t shut down my computer. Here lately it has become more of a hassle and now when I put in a cd it sound weak and pathetic and doesn’t want to read anything. Please tell me someone knows what is going on.

I have a Lite-On LTN382

I’m not an engineer, but I have opened up a few broken CDROM drives.

On the ones I’ve seen, the CDROM drive makes use of a magnet (located on the top casing) to clamp the CD onto the CD holder rim.

If the magnet is not close enough or is not laid horizontally flat when it clamps then the CD will start to slide on the CD holder rim - hence making a rubbing, sliding noise.

It looks like your problem is due to this - but I don’t know what is causing the clamp to fail. The only way to find out is that you open up your drive and check out the clamping magnet. This shouldn’t be too difficult - but if your warranty is not up then you should get it serviced instead - time to look for that receipt.

Sorry, but I didn’t take snapshots - but I’m sure someone in this forum could give you a link showing the insides - FutureProof, maybe.


Ihad a problem like this too. when i shaked it(not really shaked, but with the left, or right in the air, you know what i mean) it sounds very strange. i opened t and turn the ball bearing around and i heard that there was the sound. i dont know what happene but i closed the case and it works now, but with these sounds.

bad english, but doesnt matter…